An Exciting Start…

I’ve decided to take the plunge and learn more about the fabulous world of social media by branching out past my “Facebook Comfort Zone” and test my hand at blogging, Twitter and LinkedIn. So far I’ve gotten needlessly confused on the LinkedIn Site, posted something strange on Twitter that took me forever to delete, and now here I am crossing my fingers that my initial blog post actually makes its way to the website flawlessly.

While I’m still trying to figure out my “blog identity,” I think the biggest thing is that I will have fun learning to blog while sharing information with my friends and acquaintances about my beautiful family, my fulfilling life and all of those chaotic moments that make up my day.

I’d like to give a special THANK YOU to my friend Rachel who helped me get started by helping me find the perfect name for my blog. So, Rachel, here’s to you and your fabulous creativity – thank you!!!

Secondly, thank you to Andrea for inspiring me to blog in the first place. I have loved reading your blog posts and staying up to date on your beautiful family (who I’ve never met lol) through your blog, and thank you in advance for the inevitably beautiful header you will create for me to help make everything really come together.

And finally, thank you to my amazing husband Zach for being the balance in my life, to my beautiful little boy Matthew for always giving me something to laugh about, and to all my friends and family who have made everything in my life something worth sharing with the rest of the world.


Posted on July 8, 2011, in Family. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. awe yay you have post up!! 🙂 dont forget to email me a few fav pics 😉 so I can make you a fun header.

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