No More Routine!

This weekend I was casually perusing articles on family travel, looking for tips on the long international flights with a child, day dreaming about the day when we will actually make it to Singapore to visit my dad. To my surprise, I found quite a few articles discouraging travel with children. I never in a million years would have made the connection that having children means you are bound to your home. What on earth?! Shouldn’t you give your children the opportunity to see the world, and experience new things (even if those new things are just down the street)? I’m not saying I’m going to take my baby to the Brazilian jungles and pray we don’t get attacked by drug lords, but why would I seclude my family to the house when we could be out making memories together?

Well, whatever, I guess I’ll be a bit rebellious and “fight the man” here… I want my children to see the world.

I’m getting a little bit stir crazy these days – it seems like my week is so busy and then when Friday finally comes around I’m staring out the window wishing I was anywhere but in the house! So, we’ve decided that, starting this weekend, we will make it a habit to get out of the house and have a new adventure each weekend. Even if that adventure really is in our own backyard, I’m sick of being in the house!

There are so many beautiful places to visit here in Colorado that it shouldn’t be too hard to start off on the right foot. Last year we went to the Royal Gorge bridge and had so much fun (even though Matthew was way too young to appreciate it!)


I want to make a list of places to visit this summer – some that are close by, and some that require a bit of planning. I think I’d like to start with Mesa Verde State Park and visit the ruins up there. But, being down by the four corners, that is a bit of a drive. Definitely on my list, but will have to be a long weekend type trip I think.

Seven Falls is another area I’d like to visit – the longest hiking trail is only about an hour, and shouldn’t be too difficult with Matthew (as long as he’s in the Boba).

I’m  hoping with the help of my friends I can put together a great summer list – anyone have any suggestions?

No more monotonous weekends – I’m so ready to do something fun and new! 

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