The List Goes On!

I’m getting excited now that the weekend is almost here – ready to begin our series of summer adventures. I spend a bit of time updating our possible weekend list and came up with some different ideas (some close, and some quite a ways away). Luckily it looks like this Saturday we’re finally going to have a break from all of this crazy rain and hail!

If anyone would like to join us on our weekend adventures, we’d love to have you!! This list isn’t in any order of course – just a group of random places and possibilities.

·         Dinosaur National Monument – Colorado/Utah border – visit the Quarry area and see the dinosaur bones, whenever it reopens!

·         Mesa Verde National Park – Mesa Verde, CO – view the archaeological sites

·         Black Canyon/Gunnison National Park – Colorado – go sightseeing J

·         Grand Lake – Colorado – enjoy a long weekend on the lake & relive some of my favorite memories growing up

·         Glenwood Hot Springs – Colorado – relax and play with Matthew in the kiddie pool

·         Garden of the Gods – Colorado Springs CO – Go for a long hike (also – this is hilarious – they do segway tours!! Too funny! Obviously not possible with Matthew, but a fun idea nonetheless

·         Seven Falls – Colorado Springs CO – climb the 224 steps up to the seven falls observation platform & feed the trout with Matthew

·         Boyd Lake – Loveland CO – enjoy a day at the “beach” at Boyd Lake

·         Devils Tower National Monument – Wyoming – enjoy some good ol’ fashioned sightseeing

·         Yellowstone National Park – Wyoming – see all of the geysers, walk around and be tourists, and possible go on a wildlife safari!

·         Go for a loooong bikeride on one of the many bike trails in Denver & enjoy a picnic somewhere along the way

·         Hanging Lake/Spouting Rock (courtesy of AnneJ ) Glenwood Canyon  – go for a long day hike


·         Grizzly Creek Trail (courtesy of Ashley J )- Glenwood Springs CO – enjoy another long day hike 
New addition:
Go to Tiny Town and ride the train (Thank you Michelle!)  

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  1. let me know when you do your "boyd lake beach day" or even lake loveland beach, me and the kiddos would probably join you. Oh, and we were thinking of going to tiny town sometime this summer. wanna add it to your list? 🙂

  2. Michelle – what is Tiny Town? I will ABSOLUTELY let you know when we make it to Boyd Lake. I haven't been there since I was in Jr. High 🙂

  3. we've never been there. We found it online, it's in morrison. It's like a little amusement park for kids, it has a whole lot of trains and was only like $3 a kid!!!

  4. Awesome! Looks like I can ride the train with Matthew too 🙂 I will add that to the list!

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