Montezuma Camping Trip

This weekend we went on our first camping trip this year up to Montezuma (near Keystone). Nothing de-stresses you better than the mountain air, even when the trip doesn’t exactly go as planned. This weekend we learned four things: 
1) You shouldn’t take a beater jeep way above treeline, up miles and miles of four-wheel drive roads
2) Sharing a tent with a 1 year old isn’t exactly comfortable
3) Trees don’t move… even when you try really hard to push them
4) Cat-dogs aren’t designed to “rough it”

Yes – this weekend was nothing short of an adventure. While everything ended up working out just fine, and I had a wonderful weekend with my friends and family, we sure had some hiccups along the way!

Here are some photos from our adventure: 

Matthew helping to set up camp
Taking a tour of camp
Four wheeling around 
Happy Camper 🙂 
Going for a walk (or rather making a break for the puddles!)
Now we are home, safe and sound, all completely exhausted. It was a wonderful weekend and certainly the best way to start off our weekend adventures.  
I took a ton of photos over the weekend – you can view them online here

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