Toddler Craft Ideas

After my last post about finger painting, I started thinking about the fun stuff that Matthew and I can probably already to together (craft wise), even at such a  young age. Besides, if I make things myself they will probably wash right out in the washing machine (or maybe we’ll have naked baby finger painting…). I’ve been having some fun on Pinterest recently and found some fun ideas to start our craft time together.

This chalk looks super easy to make & I have a feeling Matthew will enjoy scribbling on the driveway.

Finger paints! These are more gel-like finger paints, which might be a fun for Matthew since he’ll probably squish around in the paint pots rather than actually painting. Regardless, I’ll be going to Hobby Lobby soon to buy some big paper for him.

This might be something we wait for – although I’m sure he’d get a kick out of ME drawing on the bathtub and letting him mush it all over the wall! These looks pretty easy to make as well.

Ok, so this one might be more for my benefit than Matthews, but it would still be fun. Easy to combine with the finger paint day too. He just seems to be growing up so fast – including  his little hands and feet…

So, anyway, I created a board in Pinterest to start keeping track of all the fun crafts I come across that we can do together. I only have these 4 so far, but you can keep track of anything fun & new here.


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