Goodbye FAT :)

Today was our final weigh in for the Biggest Loser competition at work. Finally! After 7 months of dieting the contest is OVER (please note I’m saying *contest* and not diet…). Its been fun though, seeing all of us try and win and watching everyone shrink 🙂

I was the lucky winner (hooray!) – losing a total of 61.2lbs and 12.62% of my body fat. Here’s a before picture from early this year and an after picture this morning:

(photos compliments of Bethany O’Donnell Photography 🙂 )
Please don’t ask what I’m doing in that before picture – that’s a whole story in itself…
So, I suppose now that there is no financial or competitive motivation involved, the rest of my dieting will be solely for the purpose of being healthy. While being on a diet for 7 months has absolutely been terrible, it was very worth it – the energy I have alone is worth all of the crankiness, horrible cravings, ups and downs and the weak moments.  I don’t really want to lose too much more weight, but I do want to get in shape now. What I would really love to do is get better at riding my bike, and maybe enter in a race next summer (not to win, just to finish! lol).
In closing, I want to send out a very special thank you to my amazing husband who has been there to knock the Cheetos out of my hand while giving me an encouraging hug and kiss at the same time – thank you honey, I love you.


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