Ok, so those of you who read my Facebook updates inevitably know that I am hopelessly in love with Pinterest now. In fact, its a little ridiculous when you find yourself playing around on a website late at night pinning random images. But, that is neither here nor there…

I have had a ton of fun finding new craft ideas on over the last week or so, and as my “Craft Ideas” board continues to grow and grow, I thought to myself “I wonder if anyone actually DOES these crafts, or just has fun trading ideas?” So, I decided that I was going to finally start doing all of the crafts I WANT to do, using Pinterest as my inspiration (hence then name – PIN-spiration!).

A few weeks ago, on one of my most favorite blogs ever, Andrea had posted a photo of some alphabet rocks that sparked my interest in new craft ideas AND Pinterest (thank you Andrea!), so I decided it was only appropriate for that to be my first project.

Here is the Pin from Andrea:

Its been kind of a slow project for me, since I’m still trying to balance all my roles in life, but I must confess that I’m really enjoying my evening “ME” time! The rocks aren’t finished yet, but its an in-progress project that should be done in the next day or two.

(yes, that is popcorn… no, that is not part of my diet…)

I’ll be sure to post another picture as soon as my rocks are done (then, what to DO with the rocks…?) along with my next project inspiration piece.


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