Testing My Hand at HTML…

In a nutshell, I’m terrible at this! But, I suppose (like everything else) there is a learning curve here. If anyone has experience in HTML, I will be forever grateful for your expert advice here.

You will notice a number of things on my blog right now:

1) I am using a “borrowed” public blog background and header. Its cute, but not ideal. However, when you first go to my blog, the OLD background loads first, and then changes to the new one. I’m assuming this is due to my faulty coding, but I don’t know how to fix it. Suggestions?

2) I’ve tried to add a menu bar to the top of my site. As you have noticed, my posts are a bit all over the place – I’m enjoying sharing information with my friends and family about my life in general, which is not organized at all but rather sporatic and messy lol – so why not try and give it some order by creating a menu where you can look up relevant posts? However, for the life of me I cannot center the menu at all – I’ve tried multiple options but its still aligned to the left. Anyone know how to fix this?

3) I read that Blogger does not allow for multiple pages on a blog, but a workaround was to link to various tags (which is what I have done with my current menu bar). However, if anyone knows another (cleaner) option I would very much like to change this.

4) Blogger is nice with its WYSIWYG capability, but I find it to be quite limiting at the same time. Does anyone else have experienc using other sites for blogging? 

Thank you in advance to anyone out there willing to shed some light here!


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