Horsetooth Falls Hiking Trip

Today we left the house bright and early for another wonderful family trip. We originally set out to hike Horesetooth Rock, but once we got up there we saw an alternate trail for Horsetooth Falls, where I had never been. I’m so glad we decided to go this way – the end of the trail ended up being so much fun for Matthew.

The hike itself was only about 3 miles, but with the crazy heat we had today I think that was the perfect distance – long enough to kick my butt but not long enough to make me want to sit down and wait for the park rangers to rescue me.We upgraded our EveryTrail app to the Pro version, which let us add in better quality images of our hike and has better mapping functions. Unfortunately I don’t know enough about WordPress (yet) to figure out how to enable widgets like this. So, if you want to take a peek at our hiking route via EveryTrail, you can by clicking here.

Here are a few photos from our trip:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall we had a really great hike – the trail was very well maintained (surprisingly well, actually) and even though it cost us $6 to get to the trailhead, I think that was money well spent.

If you want to look at ALL the photos we took on our hike, click here.

Maybe next weekend we’ll go back up and hike Horsetooth Rock!


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