Diets: Part II

One of the hardest things about dieting (aside from the restricted eating I suppose) is going to the grocery store each week and inevitably passing by all of the foods that look so delicious you find yourself standing dead-center in the aisle, drooling at a package of Macaroni & Cheese. Well my friend, today I’m going to spare you that embarrassment with a brief tutorial on how to navigate the grocery store.

Whether you shop at King Soopers or Safeway or whatever, the vast majority of super markets these days are set up basically the same (with the exception of Whole Foods – but, lets be frank here, if you’re shopping at whole foods you’re probably already limiting the items that you put in your cart to keep the tab down to only 75% of your paycheck). The aisles are all located in the center of the store, with the specialty counters located on the outsides.

Let’s recap for a moment a list of acceptable dieting foods:

  • Fresh fruits & veggies
  • Fresh lean meats
  • Low fat/fat free diary

So, when navigating the grocery store, take the following path to avoid those embarrassing out-of-body experiences while daydreaming about that Butterfinger:

You will notice a number of things about this diagram:

1)      My skills in Paint totally rock

2)      I have skipped the Deli counter – deli meats are full of sodium – skip the deli & head straight for the meat section

3)      You’re making a pit stop at the front of the dairy section – the “back” of the dairy section often contains ice creams, butter, cheeses, etc… do not go there! Keep your eyes on the prize: fat free yogurt, low fat cottage cheese…. Period.

4)      Frozen foods are your enemy – you don’t want anything there, keep walking. Besides, opening those doors and having them get all covered in frost is annoying anyway.

5)      I have completely skipped the checkout lines… RUN!


These are my words of wisdom when it comes to grocery shopping. Its rough I know, and even harder if you’re feeding someone other than yourself, but trust me – it CAN be done. And your family will thank you for it.

Happy dieting!


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