Diets: Part III-2

This evening my dear husband pointed out that my Dieting posts 1 and 3 are a bit contradictory to one another, and after reviewing I want to apologize for causing confusion since I have, in fact, mislead you. My dieting experience has, in the last 2-3 years, been a crazy roller coaster of various diets, exercise plans and failed attempts. While I have tried pretty much everything in the book, the diet that hands down worked best for me in terms of weight loss AND living a much healthier lifestyle is what I had described in Part I as the “Joseph Diet.”

That being said, the information in Part III  (posted earlier today) does not really fit into the Joseph Plan. I contemplated deleting Part III entirely, but it looks as though I’ve already had over 50 views on that page, so I’d hate to remove any reference materials for those looking for a bit of help.

I’d like to take this opportunity to provide you with Diets: Part III – 2

In the Joseph Plan, it is absolutely essential that you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks in between. Your three primary meals MUST contain a balanced consumption of lean proteins, carbohydrates (from vegetables) and healthy fats. This is why I highly recommended the use of My Plate on, as that pie chart will prove to be an invaluable tool to you.

The tips I provided earlier today in Part III can still be applied – doubling your lunch & dinner will make everything so much easier for you. BUT, you CANNOT skip breakfast! Even coffee-addicts like myself can find a happy balance in here.

Here are some ideas for a Joseph Plan meal plan for 1 day (please note that you must measure the food to ensure you are within your caloric intake limit and that you are balancing 1/3 protein, 1/3 carbs, 1/3 fats):

hardboiled egg (if you eat the whites & the yolk this will count as fat & protein)
Carrots or another sweet veggie (carbs)

Snack: apples (apples are your best friend – weighing in at approximately 100 calories they make out to be the perfect snack)

Salad: lettuce, cucumbers, radishes, etc. Load up on the veggies here – most are very low in calories and will fill you up with healthy carbs.  (Carbs)
Grilled meats (chicken is always preferable as it is the lowest in fat, however, you will get tired of chicken every day so try tuna or lean thin steaks) (Protein)
Make your own salad dressing with only 1 tablespoon of olive oil (fats) – this will help you control the fat intake (as compared to using store-bought dressings) and good olive oil is yummy!
If you’re ok with oil-free dressings (ie. Balsalmic vinegar & lemon juice is great with some salt & pepper) try adding in ½ an avocado on top of your salad (healthy fats there!)

Snack: crunchy veggies were always my fav, and from time to time I would use a small amount of hummus to dip it in (again, you need to measure this to avoid high fat intake)

I usually want something hot for dinner, so the grill is my best friend (everything tastes great on the grill!!)
Grilled chicken or another lean meat (be careful with your marinades if you use them – many are full of sugars and other unnecessary ingredients) (Protein)
Grilled vegetables (anything on the grill is amazing)
IF you use olive oil, measure it first – that will help you with your grilled veggies too

Hahaha… just kidding 😉 have an apple if you must


This is just an example of course, once you start getting used to the balanced meals it will all get a lot easier. I apologize again for the confusion I may have caused and will ensure that future posts are only about the Joseph Diet as that is what I encourage everyone to follow.


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