I often wonder that if Matthew had a human sibling, would he pick up on all of the things that other child did, said and reacted towards? I’m thinking YES. Unfortunately however, Matthew is (currently) an only child. With the exception of the two cat-dogs, who have proven to be endless entertainment for Matthew basically since the day he was born. However, in addition to being entertainment, I firmly believe that the dogs have caused Matthew to pick up on certain behaviors. For example:

  • Relaxing on the dog bed
  • Running to the door when someone knocks
  • Staring out the window waiting for someone to walk by
  • Bolting the second he receives a “treat” (for Matthew, this is usually a cracker, for the dogs an actual treat)

There are other examples too, but you get my point. This afternoon Zach got this photo – the cat-dogs and Matthew standing side by side staring out the window….

Now, the true question is… when Matthew DOES have a sibling, will he/she pick up on these same traits as well, seeing as how Matthew seems to think he’s part cat-dog? 🙂


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