While on the subject of dieting, or even living a healthy lifestyle, I feel it is important to mention the importance of liquids in your diet.

First and foremost – WATER

While this may seem like common sense, it is surprising to me how many people fail at proper water intake during their reduced calorie diet.  I’m not innocent of this either – yesterday I hardly made it through 96oz (my excuse? The A/C at work is too cold… hard to drink water when I’m cold…lol). I have a CamelBak waterbottle that I simply love. Yes, it is ridiculously priced, but if it gets me to drink more water I’ll shell out the dough in an instant. Plus it has markings on the side that  helps me keep track of how many ounces I drink per day.

I weigh myself every morning. Perhaps this is overboard, but it keeps me motivated so I do it anyway. I can attest to the importance of water intake from the numbers on the scale alone – in one days time I can gain a pound or more if I fail to drink an adequate amount of water. Similarly, if I drink a lot of water not only do I feel fuller during the day but I am well hydrated, which makes it easier for your body to lose weight (additionally, if you drink enough water, any sodium  consumption will not as greatly affect your weight as you won’t retain as much water).

I would recommend that you try to drink 120oz of water per day (5 CamelBak Waterbottles). Once you start getting used to drinking water, it becomes a bit easier – start slow and you’ll get there.

Also, I should mention, if water starts to taste horrible to you (which seems to happen mid-diet for me), Crystal Light makes zero calorie packets you can add to your water to make it taste like lemonade or oranges or whatever. Don’t use this as a  crutch, or even use more than one a day, but occasionally it is fine (one box has lasted me 6 months though – to give you an idea of how rarely I use these).


Second – COFFEE

My life source. Coffee can stunt your metabolism OR make it extremely difficult to stick to a diet. If I have my usual amount of coffee in the morning, I could easily make it well past noon before I even acknowledge the fact that I haven’t yet eaten. Not good for healthy dieting!

Furthermore, if you are having trouble with a plateau or want to jump start a new diet, give up coffee. If you are an addict like me, start of reducing your coffee to avoid those horrible caffeine-deprived headaches.


Third – ALCOHOL  

Perhaps I am not the one to talk about this, seeing as how I very rarely consume alcohol, but in general any diet is going to fail if you regularly consume alcohol. To put this into perspective for you:

1 glass of wine (175ml) has approximately 120 calories
1 serving of gin (25ml) has approximately 60 calories
1 Vodka & Coke has 120 calories
Bacardi & Coke has 130 calories
1 single BudLight has 130 calories

The above are empty calories, as in these are calories consumed that are doing absolutely nothing beneficial for your body aside from giving you a headache the next day and probably spiking your carb intake.

I’m not saying give up your social life, I’m suggesting that you take the above into consideration before your next binge drinking adventure and consider the potential outcome (and reversal of your diet).



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