R-Evolution Fitness Launches

As some of you may already know, Zach and I started working on a project known as R-Evolution Fitness some time ago (2, maybe 3 years?) with the intention of not only sharing valuable information from the both of us, but to eventually launch Zach’s career in the world of fitness & training. Clearly it has been a little slow to start, but I am excited to say that we have officially created the new R-Evolution Fitness blog online, which will be a featured part of the main website once that is up and running.

Since Zach has a lot of really great information to share in regards to strength training, and fitness in general, AND the fact that the dieting posts on my blog have been getting a great deal of attention (even from perfect strangers…), we will now focus all of our energy on posting relevant information on this new blog. My dieting and exercise information will no longer be updated on Abby’s Mental Note, although I won’t be deleting the current information either.

For those of you who are interested, the new blog can be fount at http://revolutionfitnessblog.wordpress.com – it’s not officially up and running (YET!) but will be soon – you’re welcomed to check it out at any time.

♥ Abby


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