This afternoon I took off work early so Zach could go take a test on campus. Matthew and I decided to tag along on the trip to Boulder so we could have some fun messing around town and enjoying the beautiful (albeit HOT) weather. We wound up playing around on Pearl Street – I haven’t been in quite a while so it was a lot of fun. Matthew found the fountains to be quite entertaining, and when we came across one that he could actually play in, his eyes lit up like you wouldn’t believe!

Playing in the fountain

People Watching

Regardless of how exciting the fountains were though, Matthew was quick to see all of the fun places he could run to, and before long we were off to the grassy park near the courthouse (Matthew leading, of course).

Going for a run


And finally, when he decided to take a break and have a snack I was able to snap a couple pictures of the two of us 🙂

Matthew & Momma

Because it makes me giggle, I leave you with this… not quite sure how to describe this expression, but it is classic nonetheless!


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