Pin-spired! Mod Podge Boxes

Technically this project was not inspired by Pinterest, HOWEVER, the alphabet rocks I made for Matthew needed a nice home, and while we were at Hobby Lobby Matthew did a great job picking out some fun papers & ribbon for his new box. The project only took me a couple hours to complete, so I think I might just make my own boxes this holiday rather than using the “generic” Christmas boxes for my baked goodies.

Overall I think the box turned out great!

Mod-Podge Box Tutorial:

You will need:

Scrapbooking paper (I purchased 2 sheets each of the 4 patterns used and found it to be plenty)
Mod Podge (I used the glossy, but if you prefer matte, by all means…)
Foam brushes
Xacto knife
Cardboard/Paper Mache box (Mine is a 6×6″ cube box)
Felt (I used 3 sheets)

Step 1: Cut strips of paper, of various widths, to weave together for the top portion
Step 2: Weave all of the strips together, alternating colors/patterns as you go (I taped one side down to make it easier)
Step 3: Turn the woven papers upside down, so the white side is facing up. Cover the lid of your box in Mod Podge and press down, at a diagonal, onto the backside of the woven strips.
Step 4: Using your foam brush, coat the top of the box in Mod Podge, carefully folding the edges around the box. You will cover the sides of the lid in ribbon, so the very bottom doesn’t need to look pretty. Cut off any excess paper before the Mod Podge dries in order to keep it as clean as possible.
Step 5: Once the paper has dried, wrap a ribbon around the sides of the lid, using Mod Podge once again to keep it in place. Make sure you use a thick even coat so that the ribbon does not peel off.
(Note: you may consider more than 1 coat on the lid if you see that some of the paper strips are curling, or the ribbon is not completely secure).
Step 6: Measure the inside panels of the box and cut out felt panels to fit. Using Mod Podge on just the back side, fix the felt on the inside of the box (don’t put Mod Podge on the top as it will make the felt sticky and very hard).
Step 7: Measure the outside panels, and cut out pieces of paper to the necessary sizes. On one edge of the paper, measure out an extra 1-1 1/2 inches to allow for the wrap around pieces. On my box, I cut out thin strips, so the panels wrap around one another almost like a puzzle.
Step 8: Using more Mod Podge, glue down the panels on each side of the box, leaving your “excess paper” strips free so that you can wrap them around neatly once all paper has been applied to the box.
Step 9: Wrap the stripes (or whatever design you chose to do) around to the next panel over, giving that wrapped effect over each side.
Step 10: Cover the entire box with Mod Podge, thickly and evenly, and allow to dry completely before use.


P.S. is there an award for a blog post using the word “Mod Podge” the most? 🙂


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  1. This is so cute! I love the papers that you chose.

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