Poor Baby

I honestly thought that molars were something that came in MUCH later, but come to find out I was way off. Zach & I couldn’t figure out why Matthew has been so moody lately (and by moody I mean sudden screaming fits, dramatic heaving of the body and excessive drooling, both intentional and not) but during a scream session yesterday afternoon we saw two bright white teeth poking through in the back of his teeny mouth. Poor baby – as if the little teeth aren’t bad enough, now he has to endure the torment of those huge ones in the back. Needless to say, the constant pain wears him out quickly – we gave him a little Tylenol and it knocked him out for THIRTEEN hours. Good thing we didn’t even give him a full dose, although I guess it was much needed sleep.

Note to self: Look into amber necklaces…

Here’s a picture of tiny sir, passed out hard on my leg:


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