This picture was taken right when we got to the park yesterday, which should have been a fun afternoon trip but ended up being more stress than ever.

I’ll admit up front that this post isn’t my typical up-beat, happy sort of post, as I’m a little miffed about our trip to the park yesterday.  I understand that things have changed quite a bit in the short period of time since I was a “tween”, and in full disclosure I did my fair share of things to give my parents gray hair, but the things I’ve witnessed recently are enough to make me flat-out decide that we will be moving elsewhere before Matthew is old enough to be influenced by those living nearby.

Our afternoon began with a bike ride to the elementary school just down the bike path from our house. Nothing out of the ordinary although I did notice a larger than normal number of KIDS at the playground. We went about our business, picking up various pieces of bark and running along the edge of the playground when I started to pay attention to all of those KIDS (when I say kids, I mean they are not old enough to be in high school, but too old to be on a playground). In a 15 foot (max) radius from where I was playing with Matthew, these kids were smoking weed, passing around some sort of pills, and doing obscene things with one another ON THE PLAYGROUND. Gross.

So we left – I’ve met my quota for calling the cops on those menacing children already this quarter…

We rode our bike to the small playground down the street from the house. Matthew was so eager to actually play (and no one else was at this park) that I quickly unloaded him and let him run wild like he usually does. As I was busy admiring the freshly painted swear words on the slides and other playground equipment, Matthew was busy splashing in what I thought was rain water. Uh, wrong. Some little **** kid decided he would show off to his friends by peeing on the little fort underneath the playground where Matthew so loves stacking rocks and various other treasures. To say I was mortified is an understatement – I was disgusted and quite literally had a cow right there at the playground. In seconds I threw Matthew back into the bike and rode so fast home that he was in the bathtub in what was probably seconds but felt like an hour.

And now here we are…
I have given myself a full 24 hours to evaluate the situation and try to determine the best possible course of action. Although I am very sad to say that I am currently “solution-less” at this point.

I could complain to the HOA, but it’s not like they are going to hire a rent-a-cop to stand guard at the playground 24/7.
I could call the cops on the sexually active drug addict teens at the elementary school, but after all my super hero work around the 4th of July I think I should cool it – I don’t want to be on the radar for some drug addict kid.
Or, I could keep my child at home, away from all of that nastiness… create a playground in our own back yard I suppose. Not really the best approach as it’s always nice for him to be around other children (which happens rarely as it is), but I’m running out of ideas.

If anyone has some words of wisdom, I’m open to suggestions…


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