Beaver Creek

Well, we made it home safe after our weekend up in Beaver Creek. Although things didn’t necessarily go as planned, it was still great to get away for the weekend.

We stayed at the Poste Montane Lodge right on the plaza – our hotel room was a little overboard though, we had a suite that had two huge bedrooms (the size of a normal hotel room) with king beds, a living room, three full bathrooms, plus who knows what else – we didn’t even go into the 2nd half of the suite. Had I known we would have that much space I would have found someone to come along! The cool thing is that we got the room for so cheap though – thanks to that off-season website, so even though it was too much for us, we didn’t pay hardly anything for it.

Eating proved to be somewhat of a challenge. Matthew was (is) teething – he has FIVE teeth coming in right now (poor baby), so he’s been a little grumpy. Plus there really didn’t seem to be too much available up there. We chose the chophouse for dinner, and I wouldn’t wish that bad experience on anyone. AND after that whole ordeal, Zach ended up going to the pizza place outside the hotel to get us some dinner (again) at like 10pm!

We spent the afternoon/evening walking around and enjoying the beautiful weather and beautiful area. Its small, so we could easily walk around everywhere. Matthew had a blast running around everywhere as well, and we even found a playground for him to play on for a while.

Today we had originally planned to go through the Beaver Creek Loop Trail hike (7 miles), but since I forgot to pack our CamelBacks we figured hiking for that long without water was probably ill advised, and chose to skip out on that one (bummer). Instead we thought we’d head back towards Frisco, where we passed the most beautiful lake, and find a swim beach where Matthew could play. But, as luck would have it, that massive lake doesn’t have a swim beach! We were so disappointed, so we headed home much earlier than we had planned. So, today didn’t really turn out to be so exciting, but that’s ok – Matthew was ready to come home and unwind.

Overall, I learned that going on an outing with a teething baby is not a good idea; that you should never eat at the chophouse in Beaver Creek; and that being on the “unplan” plan is much better because you’re then free to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

I can’t say it was a stress free weekend, but it was a good one nonetheless! I didn’t get too many really great pictures – Matthew made it his personal mission to NOT look at me any time I had the camera in hand, but we have about 60 if you want to peek – The Flickr album is HERE.

Poste Montane Lodge

Lunch on the Plaza

Playing Outside

Me & Zach

Peek a Boo!


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