Balancing Act

I feel like the last month has been a blur and recently have found myself “collecting” to-do’s, as if I have nothing better to do. My boss says I function best in high-stress situations – at first I rolled my eyes at him, but on second thought I think he just might be onto something. Unfortunately, lately, I seem to be struggling with balancing the things I want to do, the things I need to do, and the things I’m obligated to do. I feel I’m failing in certain areas, and despite being well aware of this I still find myself adding more and more to my day.

I’ve started the application process for my Masters Degree. Obviously I won’t be starting this fall since I think classes start next week, but probably in the Spring. I know that the time requirements for doing this are pretty high, and I might be borderline insane by taking this on now, but I can’t help but feel that *NOW* is the best time for me. I’m in a great place in my career, Matthew is getting old enough to partially entertain himself, Zach will start working again soon… right?

I have tried looking online for some inspirational mom’s out there, but its a bit of a struggle. Most mom-bloggers are either stay-at-home mom’s or career-driven success stories (not that those two types of mom’s aren’t inspirational, but they aren’t really juggling a career, school AND a family). So, I guess that just means I will have to take that on too… blog about my dedication to my family foremost, and my stubbornness to succeed in both my career and prove to myself that I CAN kick a** and get my masters degree at the same time.

Fingers crossed I come out on top, with all my hair & limit my addictions to caffeine 🙂

Here’s a photo of me a few month’s ago when I got my Bachelor’s Degree:

My goals:

1) Successfully balance all of my “dreams”

2) Devote at least one full weekend day to spending time with Zach & Matthew

3) Get a higher GPA than I did on my Bachelor’s Degree (still graduated Cum Laude, but if I could rock my MBA with Summa Cum Laude I would be on Cloud 9)

4) Accept the fact that while new books ARE prettier, they are also 2x as much and a used book contains the same information…

5) Pay off my student loans before we retire (ha!)

6) Continue our weekend adventures in order to maintain sanity

7) Continue working hard at Boba & try to be the very best Director I possibly can

8) Keep the house moderately clean (long gone are my OCD cleaning days thanks to 2 cat-dogs and a child determined to mess up any clean space in the house)

9) Learn from my mistakes rather than dwell on them

10) BE HAPPY!!! (I think I can check this one off the list though)


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