Weekend Update

I’m mostly posting tonight because I’m eager to test out the WordPress app on my new iPad (yippee!), but also because I keep getting the “what did you do this weekend” question. So, here i sit with very little to report.

On Friday we had date night with Lorrie & Lucio and had such a great time. Obviously I am not a food critic but can I just say that dinner was simply amazing. It’s great to try new things but to top it off with great service, beautiful plates and delicious everything it really makes you want to go back & i would very highly recommend ChoLon down on 16th & Blake.

Saturday wad supposed go start with a hike but my poor little monkey was not feeling well. Between his vaccinations & teething he just wasn’t up to it. So we stayed home & watched movies alllll day. Seriously – I think we watched like 5 movies lol. Including sucker punch, which looks pretty good in blu ray btw. Matthew did however manage to find way on top of the patio table while I wasn’t looking and not only scared the crap out of me but I’m also fairly certain the neighbor was about to call social services on me. Ahhh…this child of mine…

Today we planned on going for that hike, but since Matthew slept until 9 it was too late in the day to go ( it’s too hot!!) so we had another relaxing day around the house.

That’s about it – not much to tell I suppose. Not even any pictures to share! Next weekend we have some fun plans though so I’ll make up for our lazy break for sure.


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