Ok, I’ve been seriously slacking on posting recently. For those who read regularly, I apologize – I have so much going on these days, blogging hasn’t really been on the top of my to-do list. Its not to say that my life has calmed down, because that couldn’t be further from the truth, but I told myself I was going to take it easy (ha!) this weekend, and I’m doing just that.

My grandma flew in from Wisconsin this weekend (love you, Grandma!) to spend the long weekend with all of us. We started off early this morning with a trip up to Georgetown. We had breakfast at a really great little restaurant in town – Matthew had a blast running around outside while we ate (ah, the joys of small towns…)

After breakfast we went up to ride the Georgetown Train. I will admit, I was a little on the fence about the whole thing – I thought it sounded too “touristy” for me, but in the end it was so much fun and Matthew really enjoyed looking out as the train went along. Time wise it was perfect too – less than an hour both ways. The train goes from Georgetown to Silver Plume, breaks for a short bit and then heads back to Georgetown. Well worth the time spent, in my opinion. Plus, when do you ever get to ride on a train?!

We spent the remainder of the afternoon looking at all the little shops in town and enjoying the beautiful weather. Matthew was apparently so beat that he just couldn’t keep his eyes open:


Last, but certainly not least, we ended the day with a wonderful dinner with family. It doesn’t get much better than today – what a great way to start our weekend off!

I’m in the process of uploading all 85 photos from today – please be patient as Comcast internet speeds are comparable to that of dialup… perhaps I should just mail all of you printed copies of the photos as that seems to be a faster solution. Well, I’ll have them online as soon as I can – you can peek at the Flickr album HERE.


P.S. To those of you who are probably sitting on I-70W right now: hahahaha! LEAVE EARLY! We were on the road at 8am and there was NO traffic, which was amazing.


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