South Ridge Trail – Horsetooth

I love having 3 day weekends 🙂 Its like, even though you know  it’s Sunday, its not really Sunday 🙂

Yesterday we started off with a really great hike up in Horsetooth. Originally we went up there to hike up to Horsetooth Rock (since last time we were side tracked by the falls) but, as luck would have it, there were like 10 groups of 10 or more people who all were within eyesight from the parking lot, so we decided to go on the West side trail up South Ridge, where we couldn’t see anyone. 

As a side note, if there is a trail where you don’t see anyone, there is probably a reason as to WHY there is no one on the trail lol. The “trail” was a multi-use trail (bikes, horses…) that was straight up the mountain, with little to no relief in the form of shade OR flat ground. Ugh. We made it to the junction of the regular Horsetooth Rock trail, but at that point I was too pooped to continue another hour up to the rock. However, my legs are so sore today and I feel great, so clearly the hike did a good job kicking my butt.

We still had fun, as usual, and the weather was ideal for hiking (sunny and NO clouds, but a cool, constant breeze).

Next time we’ll risk the heavy traffic on the trail and head straight up for Horsetooth Rock. Third time’s a charm!

In the meantime, the photos from our outing can be seen HERE.

We finished off the day spending time at Sam’s farm/garden – we got a ton of beautiful veggies and Matthew had a blast (as usual) running around, playing in the dirt and chasing the cats. Regretfully, I didn’t get any photos 😦

Great weekend so far – having a relaxing morning today and spending the evening up at Red Rocks – should be a great way to end the long weekend!



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