An Awesome Ending

Well, last night was like the “Grand Finale” to my long (and much needed) weekend. Thanks to my mom and her pretty cool connections, we were able to get tickets to the sold out show at Red Rocks to see the Zac Brown Band (my first time at Red Rocks, I might add). At the risk of sounding like a total loser, it was absolutely incredible – I don’t think I’ll ever think of ZBB in the same way after hearing them live. In my opinion, they sound better in person than they do on my iPod. Although, they played a song last night that is NOT on the ZBB album and no amount of Googling is helping me out here (ah!)… I’d be forever grateful to anyone who can locate a list of songs they played last night.

Thumbs up to my awesome grandma who partied late into the night with us

Since my dear husband told me that I couldn’t take our camera into the concert, I was stuck taking photos with my cell phone. Not really the best – I tried to get some closeups but they turned out terrible. Regardless, everything I did get is on Flickr (high speed internet at work allowed me to do this in a whopping 4 seconds as opposed to the insane amount of time it takes at home lol) – the album is located HERE.



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  1. Love the picture of you, your Mom and your Grandma. You are all very beautiful women and your Grandma looks very happy to be with you two.

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