Best Hike of the Year!

Yesterday we headed back up to Boulder for our usual weekend hike. There’s just so many trails up in Boulder that we can park in the same place each weekend, but never hike the same place twice. That being said, yesterday’s hike will definitely be repeated – it is hands down the best hike of the year, if not the best hike I’ve ever been on (in this country).

I think the hike was a total of about 3 miles, and truth be told, much of it was climbing UP. But, unlike last weekend’s hike, this one was absolutely amazing, despite the elevation climb. The trail was rough – mostly rocks and sometimes I did have to scoot on my butt to keep balance (having a little wiggling baby on my back doesn’t help with the balance issue), but all in all it was so beautiful. Unfortunately we chose a not so great time to go though – when we finally made it to the royal arch, we quickly realized that is the spot of choice for sunbathing freshmen (ugh). Apparently after a night of binge drinking, nothing soothes the soul quite like some high elevation rays. Then, the icing on the cake, my poor little monkey took a spill at the top of the mountain and cut open his lip. Luckily it was more dirt than blood and we made it safely back down the mountain at a quick pace.

Despite the buzz-kill, that will definitely be on our agenda before the weather turns. Perhaps much earlier in the day (by the time we made it up to the arch it was probably around 1pm).

We got some beautiful photos too – check them out HERE. We tried to get some good ones of the trail so you can see what the terrain is like, but a photo just doesn’t really do it justice – I would highly recommend this hike to ANYONE (Dad – this will be on our agenda when you come home next time, you’d love it).


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  1. love the babywearing, as always 🙂

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