Zach’s 25th Birthday Weekend

This weekend was Zach’s birthday – and somehow I managed to keep it secret from him that I planned a weekend trip up to Grand Lake, just the 2 of us. Unfortunately Saturday didn’t exactly go as planned – due to the freezing cold weather and relentless rain, the boat I had reserved went unused (no one in their right mind would go out on the water in such cold weather!). So, we spent the day messing around in town, walking around in the rain, and having a late lunch at a local brewery.

Our cabin was quite comical – literally just one small (SMALL) room with a bed, two side tables and two lamps… nothing more. But really, what more do you need?

Zach in front of our teeny cabin

Gloomy - Day 1

Freezing on Grand Lake

Luckily when we woke up on Sunday morning the sky was blue and it was warm (warm for a  mountain town in September that is) – we had an  overpriced brunch at the Grand Lake Lodge, overlooking the lake, and then the hunt for Mallow Mansion began.

Breakfast with a view

The hunt for Mallow Mansion

Thanks to an extremely vague email from my father (thanks dad) we had it in our minds that we *HAD* to find this place, which apparently burnt down on the shore of Grand Lake some time ago.

The rest of the morning went as follows:

Questioning employees at the Grand Lake Lodge regarding the whereabouts of the phantom mansion – with no luck.

Stopping at the visitors center, talking with an old man who I believe was probably BORN in Grand Lake, who also had no recollection of the said mansion.

Upon referral (from the old man at the visitors center), we patiently waited for the Kauffman House Museum to open up so we could talk with the curator about Mallow Mansion. The Kauffman House, being the oldest remaining building in Grand Lake, was the best bet to find out about another
old building.

Kauffman House Museum

Fall in Grand Lake

The woman, who was quite excited that we were waiting for the museum to open I might add, was well aware of Mallow Mansion, but informed
us that the remains of the building had been removed from the lake shore some time ago and there was no longer anything left to see. However, she promised to email photos to me of the original mansion and then took us through a surprisingly interesting museum tour. Who woulda thought that a silly little museum in a tiny mountain town would be so much fun!

(I think this picture needs a theme song)

Finally, after giving up on any hopes of finding the elusive Mallow Mansion, we hopped back into the car and headed to Winter Park.  Having never been there before, I was pretty excited – I think that just might be my favorite place so far this summer. We rode the Alpine Slide – and since it was still chilly outside there was really no one else there so we didn’t have to wait in line or anything. Then we had lunch at another small brewery (I even had a beer…crazy!) and spend some time walking around enjoying all the little shops.

Winter Park - Alpine Slide

Zach on the Alpine Slide

Despite the weather, it really was a wonderful relaxing weekend. Plus its not so often that Zach & I get to spend time together without chasing around an energetic little man, so having time just the two of us was really great.

If you want to see the rest of our photos from this weekend – including Zach’s ridiculous photos from the museum, click HERE.

Now – gearing up for our trip to Kentucky on Wednesday (sheesh!)



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