Louisville In a Nutshell

Better late then never, eh?

While the vast majority of our trip was spent in the Expo center or the hotel, we did try to get out when possible. Two of the nights we went out as a large group, and I had the really great opportunity to meet two of the clients I work with very regularly (one in Canada and the other in Japan) – and of course they joined us for dinners.

Matthew pretty much fell in love with Gloria instantly – but who can blame him 🙂 They had so much fun together during dinners and even on the airplane home.

Matthew & Gloria ❤

I’ll admit that I just Googled to figure out what river this is… its not my fault I suck terribly at Geography. Regardless, the river there was pretty cool and had so many bridges. I didn’t realize it until we found ourselves in Indiana, but the river divides Indiana & Kentucky. Plus, I’ve never seen huge cargo ships or what I’m now calling “river trains” (haha) before – so if you check out the Flickr album there are a million photos of the river and my so-called “river train.” 🙂

Matthew & I on the Ohio River

We found out about Lynn’s Paradise Cafe from the front desk at the hotel. Apparently this restaurant has been featured on the Food Network a number of times, so of course we had to go. It was a really cool place, I think we were all so busy looking around the entire time we hardly talked to one another.

Lynn's Paradise Cafe

Zach's Crazy Coffee

Breakfast Fun

Finally on the last day in Kentucky we had some free time before going to the airport. We went to a huge park on the riverfront and played all morning. Matthew, of course, had a blast – I took so many photos that morning (which are on the Flickr album as well). Great way to end our trip to KY.

Matthew Playing at the Riverfront Park

Swinging 🙂

In conclusion, KY isn’t what I’d consider to be a hot travel destination. Between the poorly laid out roads, the scary neighborhoods, and the southern accents, I don’t forsee another trip out there lol. But, its fun to cross it off the list and say I’ve been.

Pooped After a Long Days' Work


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