In full disclosure I should admit that this started out as a FINGERPAINT project, which was a huge *FAIL* on my end, so we switched gears and made playdough instead. That being said, if anyone has a dummy proof (key word there) recipe for non-toxic, won’t-harm-my-baby-when-he-eats-it, fingerpaints, PLEASE let me know!

Matthew thought that mixing all of the ingredients was pretty awesome. However, in hindsight, I wonder if that is part of the reason why our finger paints didn’t work out, seeing as how some of the mixture ended up on the floor….

No, he is not EATING the playdough, I promise…

Really, the play dough wasn’t too interesting to Matthew – he much more enjoyed the spoons and pretending to eat everything (and the indent in the playdough left from the spoon…)

Matthew’s hand 🙂 He’s getting so big. I mostly did this for myself, but I wanted to see if Matthew would like the playdough if he squished it around a little… but no, that didn’t work either. Lol


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