Singapore Bound

Well – we made it. Mostly in 1 piece. I’d like to say it was a breeze, but in all honesty it was quite the opposite. Actually, the flight to Singapore totally sucks lol – BUT, worth it nonetheless – beautiful area, amazing food & gorgeous weather – well worth the rough trip over.

We missed our flight from Tokyo to Singapore due to a late landing from LA, but it was really a good thing since we were able to get on a flight with Singapore Air – the most amazing airline ever. When have you ever seen a plane like this?!

Anyone considering a trip to this part of the world – pay the higher ticket prices for Singapore Air – its worth it.

I’ll be uploading photos to the Flickr account for those who don’t want to wait for blog posts, but I don’t expect to be online much since we want to spend as much time OUT as we possibly can. Here are a few from our flight over.

More to come soon.

P.S. Dim sum rocks.


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  1. I’ve always wanted to fly Sing Air!! I’ve always heard it was an amazing airline – that’s the upside of your flight delay………..hopefully Matthew did well with everything too……………as well as uncle Sam!

  2. YUUUP, Singapore Airline rocks! I got upgraded to business class on my way to Germany, and my, it’s was pretty amazing! Also digged the menu they had, as you could choose what you wanted to eat. How long was the flight from LA to Singapore in total?

    • Wow – I’ll bet business class was amazing!! I loved the bassinet they had for my son that attached right to the wall – made the flight so great. Unfortunately we weren’t able to find a direct flight from LA to Singapore – it was 2hrs from Denver to LA, 12 hours from LA to Tokyo and about 8 hours fro Tokyo to Singapore. LONG travel time!

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