Day 2: Marina Bay Sands

Day 2 was quite the experience – we walked around Marina Bay, stopped in the Marina Bay Sands shopping center and hotel (amazing), and walked along the Singapore River. The architecture is amazing here – unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I don’t think there is a single building here that is just a plain ol’ rectangle – everything has something unique, if only the extreme height of the building.

This is a photo of the Marina Bay Sands hotel (the three towers on the left) and the art museum (on the right). The platform on top of the Sands has a viewing deck for us tourist types, and an infinity pool on the other side (for hotel guests). The view from up there was amazing – you could see all of Singapore.

This is the double helix bridge that takes you across the bay into the Shoppes at Marina Bay.

Not really the best photo of us, but a great view nonetheless. This is on top of the Marina Bay Sands overlooking the bay.

This photo doesn’t even do it justice, but I wanted to show some of the other buildings around the bay. Everything is so architecturally stunning – every single building would take your breath away.This seems to be a trend here in Singapore – amazing architecture.

We ended the evening having a wonderful dinner with a “new old friend” whom I talk with almost daily but have never had the pleasure of meeting until our trip here.



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