Day 3: Raffles Hotel, Chijmes & The Fountain of Wealth

The Raffles Hotel opened in 1887 and while we didn’t have the opportunity to see all of it ( as we weren’t hotel guests), the parts we did wander around were beautiful. Certainly different from the architecturally “awe inspiring” buildings we’ve seen so far, the Raffles Hotel has a romantic quality to it, with the beautiful gardens and decor.

Some photos from our day:

Raffles Hotel Courtyard

Raffles Hotel - Garden

Zach & I Outside the Raffles Hotel

View from the 2nd Floor

Next on our trip we went to Chijmes, which was once the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus. Founded by a French Jesuit priest in 1854 and run by nuns, the convent functions as a school and a women’s refuge. However, now Chijmes is a public space with shops and restaurants.


Chijmes Stained Glass

Shops and Restaurants behind Chijmes

To wrap up the day we went to the Fountain of Wealth, one of the largest fountains on the planet. Unfortunately though the large part of the fountain doesn’t come on until after 6pm so we were too early to see anything. But, you can walk out to the center of the fountain, touch the water, make a wish and walk around three times. Still waiting on my fortune for now, but I’ll keep you posted…

Sam at the Fountain of Wealth


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