Day 6: Buddah Tooth Relic Temple & CHILI CRAB!

Day 6 was a bit of a “down day” – we went back to China Town and walked around and did a little shopping. I bought a really pretty tea set from a little shop we found on a side street – the man also had a ton of teas, all in containers I couldn’t read (lol) but he helped me chose one to go along with my tea set and I took home a really nice Jasmine tea that I can’t wait to try out. Zach found some handcrafted bamboo chopsticks that are really nice – we might just have to try our hand at some of the amazing food we had during our trip so we have a reason to use the chopsticks.

While wandering around we came across the Buddah Tooth Relic Temple, a Buddhist temple right in the middle of China Town. Part of this temple is now a Buddhist museum, but the first floor is still an active Buddhist temple. In fact, we had a chance to witness the Chanting of the “Sutra of Golden Light” while we were there. In the front there were a number of Buddhist monks, lined up leading the chanting. There wasn’t a single plain wall in the entire Temple, everything was beautifully adorned and at the front of the temple were the most amazing (and MASSIVE) statues. I do regret that I am not familiar enough with the Buddhist beliefs to even identify these statues, although they are clearly very meaningful. Below are some of the photos from inside the temple. The photos of the golden statues are included below as well, although it is hard to see how incredibly large they were – hopefully you can see some of the people below to put everything into perspective.

In a Buddhist temple you are not supposed to have your legs or shoulders uncovered – Zach (who was wearing shorts) had to wear a sarong to cover his legs, and I (wearing shorts and a tank top) had to wear a shawl as well before we were able to enter the Temple. We wrapped Matthew up in a shawl as well, but its hard to tell in this photo since the little wiggle worm can’t sit still for 2 seconds lol.

We wrapped up the day with the absolute best meal I think I have EVER had. We went to a restaurant called Jumbo which was right on the shore, and had Chili Crab – the most amazing thing I’ve ever eaten. So amazing that I’m at a complete lack of words on how to describe it. We also had pepper crab, salted egg prawns, mini squids, little breads (dad called them “Man Toes” but no amount of Googling can confirm this for me lol) and finished the meal with some fruit – so delicious. Zach has taken photos of many of our meals, but until now I haven’t really felt compelled to WRITE about any of them. That’s not to say the food wasn’t amazing – I don’t think we had a single thing that I disliked while in Singapore. Everything was absolutely delicious and really makes the food here in the US seem, well, almost inedible… but the Chili Crab – THAT is worth a trip out to Singapore all on its own.


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  1. Hey darling daughter, its pronounced man toes, but its spelled mantous. here is the link:
    love you,

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