Day 7: Pulau Ubin & Clark Quay

Day 7 is, hands down, the best day we had during our trip to Singapore. Pulau Ubin is the second largest offshore island which site in the Johor Strait between Changi and the mouth of the Johor River. The island is a Malay and Chinese community that, according to my travel guide, hasn’t changed much since the 1960’s. Only about 200 people live on the island and is the the site of a traditional Malay fishing village. We took a small boat from Singapore to Pulau Ubin and then rented some old bikes to ride throughout the island. It was HOT to say the least, and I left with about 1000 bug bites, but it was well worth it just being able to see something so beautiful and basically untouched by the modern world. Singapore is so advanced and so architecturally developed, whereas Pulau Ubin is exactly the opposite. The homes and buildings are small, repaired with anything and everything that can be found, the main food source is anything that can be caught from the sea, and no one was wearing designer brands (very unlike Singapore, where everyone seems to have, at the very least, a designer handbag…men included).  I could have spent days there, just walking around and eating delicious food. Whenever we go back to Singapore, we will make it a point to go back to Pulau Ubin.

That night we went to Clark Quay (pronounced “Key”), which is right on the Singapore River and is completely covered by these massive umbrellas and is lined with bars and restaurants. The music was extremely loud & lasted well into the night – we stopped for dinner before spending the night at the Swissotel right there in Clark Quay.


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