Thankful Part I

Lately it seems I’ve gotten caught up in too much negativity, feeling “without” or lacking and a little down. While it may be cliché to list off what I’m thankful for during this time of year… who cares? I am blessed to have so many amazing people and opportunities in my life, and I want to share that with others to remind everyone how much you all mean to me and that no matter how crappy things seem from day-to-day, you always have those around you to lean on.

This morning I got not one, not two, but SEVEN little kisses (mostly unsolicited) from some little boy who means the world to me.

Clearly this little man of mine is cute enough to melt anyone’s heart.

Monkey –

♥ I love the way you make me smile even when you’re chucking rocks at my face
♥I love waking up to your silly noises in the morning that *almost* sound like a real language
♥I love watching you grow, even though it happens too quickly
♥I love the realization that you actually are a mini human being, not just a silly squishy cute thing that has too many bodily functions
♥I love the excitement on your face when I say “popcorn”
♥I love how you remind me of my own temper while you scream at me for no reason at all, so that we can calmly sit together and have that silent understanding
♥I love your toe lint, and how it seems to gather at an extraordinary rate
♥I love how you chase after our poor dogs, attacking them and then making everything alright again with your little kisses
♥I love when you raise your eyebrows at me, as if what I’m saying is pure insanity and certainly not to be taken seriously
♥I love watching you blow kisses out the front window when I leave for work
♥I love the way you adore your father more than anything on earth, until you don’t get your way and run back to me
♥I love how opinionated you are – my determined little man

But most of all I love that you are MY little man, and you make our little family one of the happiest in the world.


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