Thankful Part 2

This morning on the radio some woman was whining about how her husband leaves toothpaste in the bathroom sink so she made him sleep in the guest room for a week. Ridiculous. Can I just say that Zach & I have never been in a real fight, and although we’ve had some pretty ridiculous arguments here & there, we’ve never once truly been mad at one another. That alone is worth being thankful for and I’m so lucky to have such an amazing husband who can tolerate all my craziness and at the end of the day, love me just the same.

Zach –
♥ I love the way you let the dogs sleep on your side of the bed, knowing that I’d just kick them off
♥ I love how you are willing to sacrifice sleep just to stay up all night and play your ridiculous video games
♥ I love that you are the biggest nerd I’ve ever known
♥ I love watching you work out when you think no one is watching
♥ And I love watching Monkey try to do hand stands next to you in the living room
♥ I love the way you calm me down when I get worked up over nothing at all
♥ I love how you are more than willing to act like a dork with me, even if that means just nodding along while I sing & dance in the car
♥ I love when we can read each other’s minds, even though it typically revolves around something inappropriate that we saw on TV
♥ I love that you are the best daddy ever and that your son thinks you are just the coolest guy around. I tend to agree.
♥ I love that you were actually talking about Matthew’s birth when Anne & Mike were over the other night
♥ I love how well you understand me, or at least try to, no matter what is going on
♥ I love that you refuse to admit that I kicked your butt in Monopoly
♥Most of all I love that you love me, and that our little family is all I could ever ask for



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