Thankful Part 3

Friday morning I was sitting in my office talking to my brother on the phone when someone commented on how funny it was to listen to me talking to my brother, and how, had I not used the word “mom”, they wouldn’t have guessed I was talking to a sibling. I guess I’m lucky to have a brother who is more like a friend. Don’t get me wrong, I have very vivid memories of my little terror brother, who at the time I wanted to completely disown, but we all have those moments in our lives. Besides, it gives me something to laugh about now thinking back when he would tackle me on the floor and pound his fingers into my ribs (Sam, you’re a turd).

Sam –
♥ I love that you are a stubborn a** and refuse to let anyone tell you otherwise
♥ I love that you have true passions, which so many do not, and that you live your life the way YOU want to
♥ I love laughing at your expense, knowing that you do the same to me 🙂
♥ I love your horse-dogs, and how they ARE your family to the core
♥ I love talking to you on the phone when your roosters and ducks and geese are all going crazy in the background
♥ I love hearing about your new adventures every week
♥ I love knowing that you always have everyone’s best interests at heart, even with the little things, and while that isn’t always blatantly obvious, I know its at the root of everything you do
♥ I love talking to you when you’re so excited about something – you seem to always get ME excited about it just through your enthusiasm
♥ I love that you were my “maid of honor” at Zach & I’s wedding – I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side
♥I love secretly knowing that I’m going to force you to spend Christmas at our house and you don’t know it yet 🙂


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