Thankful Part 4

I’m not especially fond of the term “daddy’s girl” but I suppose it would apply in my case. Although I plan to make it my personal mission to find another term that’s not so overused and boring…
BUT, that’s neither here nor there…

Daddy –

♥ I love that I’m 27 and you still let me call you daddy 🙂
♥ I love that you always help me out, but not before you give me a good lecture on the subject at hand
♥ I love that you follow your dreams, even if they aren’t always understood by others
♥ I love joking about you yelling at your GPS while we were in Switzerland – as if it’s technology’s fault that you got lost
♥ I love your clorox addiction
♥ I love randomly laughing until I cry every time I think about you saying you got “bit royal” when we were camping so so so many years ago
♥ I love trying to make your spaghetti, even though it never really comes out the same, but bragging about it nonetheless
♥ I love that I convince you that you’re not turning into your father the way you convince me that I’m not turning into my mother (love you mom)
♥ I love that EVERY time we Skype, you’re always doing laundry
♥ I love that I call a “roll of toilet paper” a “loaf of toilet paper” because of you…
♥ I love that I know you’re laughing while you read this because you too are remembering that camping trip… Deluxe.


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