Thankful Part 5

After an interesting conversation in a dressing room last night, I want to first reiterate that I am truly grateful, above all else, for my mom & dear grandmother for *blessing me* with the Tessmer (aka Coldren) knees… ugh.

(If you can’t sense my sarcasm, well, you probably have no business reading my blog any further 🙂 ).

Momma –

♥  I love that we can spend hours (and hours) in a single store, and repeatedly comment on how we can’t believe 6 hours have passed. And then do the same thing in another store.
♥ I love that you love animal prints, no matter how terrible they are, and would willingly wear a dalmatian print
♥ I love that you’re playing Mary Mistletoe in a play, even though I have no idea who that is, but its cool anyway
♥ I love that you are absolutely clueless when it comes to something even mildly technical, and yet somehow manage to work on a computer all day
♥ I love that you take turns visiting Sam & I on the weekends, even though you probably rack up an extra 1,000 miles on your car each month because of it
♥ I love that you stay true to your convictions, know what you want, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise
♥ I love how goofy you act around Matthew
♥ I love that you wear the biggest jewelry I’ve ever seen and LOVE it – not too many people can pull that off, but you do
♥ I love that you handed out flyers to homeless people even though you were scared, and I love knowing that you probably made a big difference in some of their lives
♥ I love that you buckle the seatbelts in your car when no one is using them. Admittedly its a little annoying when I try to sit in that seat, but its funny that you would come up with something like that in the first place
♥ I love how you help me analyze things, no matter what it may be, in hopes of finding the best possible solution
♥ I love emailing back and forth all day long, knowing that a phone call is probably out of the question before 8pm
♥ I love that I KNOW you’ve been waiting for me to post this about you 🙂


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