Thankful Part 6

For some people, age is an irrelevant number, and no matter what that number may be, they are always a kid at heart.

Grandma –
♥ I love that your smile is so contagious that even a PHOTO makes me grin for hours on end
♥ I love that your heart is so big that, no matter how hard things get, you always try to see the bright side of it all
♥ I love your laugh, which NEVER changes – you’ve always had the same awesome laugh
♥ I love thinking about our trip out to WI when we went on the search for a pig gift… who knew that would be such an adventure
♥ I love your strawberry shortcake… yummm…
♥ I love how you put those birds so high on your priority list, and feed them a variety of jelly and fruits and seeds
♥ I love giggling about the raccoon that dick & sandra strategically placed near your house
♥ I love sitting on your deck and talking for hours and hours
♥ I love that we went to a concert together – and that you danced the whole time
♥ I love that you don’t have the old lady helmet hair and you spared me having to stage an intervention
♥ I love that you’re my grandma – the best one I could ever ask for


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