The Champagne Cascade (aka Drizzle)

I’m a little late posting this – I’ve been meaning for some time now to upload these photos from my camera and FINALLY today cleared out the memory card.

A long time ago mom and I used to go to the Nutcracker play every year to celebrate Christmas together. However, after seeing the play SO many times, and me leaving to go to the Army (or maybe it was in my selfish highschool days – I’m drawing a blank now) we ended up cancelling our holiday tradition. But what better time to start a new tradition than now? Mom suggested we go to the Brown Palace to watch the champagne cascade – something that’s been around for a very long time, but that I’d never heard of before. The name alone sounds quite amazing though, so of course I was all for this new tradition.

Although I’m not typically a champagne drinker (or alcohol drinker), I must admit that I had my fair share. In anticipation for this huge cascade we all gathered around the (many) floors of the Brown Palace, overlooking a thousand champagne glasses neatly stacked into a pyramid. What came next, no one could have anticipated (except from those who have witnessed this before I suppose). These huge swords are used to dramatically chop off the tops of the champagne bottles, the “official pourers” are taken to the top of the pyramid using some lift decorated to look both fancy and official (this year it was Governor Hickenlooper and some man I couldn’t understand to save my life) and then everyone holds their breath for the so-called CASCADE. Imagine if you will a thousand glasses stacked up, and TWO bottles of champagne being poured from the top…. this is not something I would describe using words even listed next to “cascade” in a thesaurus. I find the words “drizzle” or “champagne pool” to be more appropriate.

And then it was over…

Needless to say, the good laugh we had afterwards made the entire day memorable in itself. I’m not sure this will be the new tradition for us, but it sure will be fun to look back and laugh about for years to come.

Step 1: Consume entirely too much champagne

Step 2: Gather in Anticipation...

Step 3: Pour 1 regular sized bottle of champagne onto the 1st glass

Step 4: And just 1 more bottle....

Step 5: Say FORGET IT and drink the rest šŸ™‚


Here’s to you Governor Hickenlooper, Man I can’t understand, and the enthusiastic crowd at the Brown Palace – thank you for getting our holiday season off to a great start!!



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