Christmas Part III: Nona’s Play

Christmas seems to come with a crazy number of parties and events. When all is said and done I believe we’ll be at “Christmas Part VI” if not more. Just because we go all out each year doesn’t mean that each day isn’t as special as the next though. Zach’s amazing family is so large that the holiday celebrations typically span over 2-3 days alone, then we have time with my mom and brother and of course those I work with and have learned to consider family due to the insane amount of time we spend together (willingly, I might add). Lastly is Christmas Day – reserved for our own growing family to build new traditions that will one day be appreciated by Matthew when he’s old enough to care about more than all the cool ribbons in my wrapping supply boxes.

Our third Christmas celebration was with my mom and brother – a bit earlier this year than normal but only to accommodate a much needed trip to Singapore to visit my dad for the holidays. She’s arrived safe & sound today I might add. Matthew got a little tent that has become the new favorite in the house – who knows how much time he spends in there. In fact, he’s quietly organizing his collection of pipe cleaners inside his tent as I write this now. Decoration I assume.

The evening started out with a lot of delicious food and my first taste of apple cider (yes, odd I know but it’s true). We then exchanged gifts and spent some time joking and laughing before leaving to go watch mom in her (second) debut as Mistletoe Mary. I tried very hard to get some good photos but between a difficult camera and a horrible photographer behind the camera, I didn’t really get anything too great. However, for your viewing pleasure:


Again, my apologies for the poor photo quality here – but I think you get the idea lol.

Overall it was a really wonderful night. Matthew got to spend some time in a daycare for the very first time, and we drove home crammed in my little car enjoying a late dinner from Chipotle.

Some more photos for your viewing pleasure:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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