Christmas Eve-Eve with Gil & Lynda

Our fourth Christmas celebration was on Friday night, which we barely made it to thanks to a nasty stomach bug that was infecting our family. Poor Matthew was so sick I honestly didn’t believe we’d make it down to Denver. But luckily we did, and when we were there he was having so much fun he must have completely forgotten he wasn’t feeling well!

As the only mini-Armijo right now Matthew got his fair share of gifts (plus enough to make all the children in the entire neighborhood happy). I know he’s still too young to appreciate all of the thought that goes behind the gifts he had fun throwing around, but it didn’t escape Zach and I, so for all of you reading this, I hope you know how much we appreciate the wonderful gifts you gave to us all and I promise that there are some photos for you in the mail this week :).

Here are a few photos from the evening, and I’m sure you’ll notice somewhat immediately that Matthew was rather generous with his love that evening – I was floored that almost everyone had a chance to hold a very willing Matthew that night!

Uncle Gregg & Matthew

The Fam

Arm wrestling after dinner

Erick & Matthew

Shannan, Gregg, Erick & Zach looking at an amazing photo album

Pimpin' his new hoodie

Matthew hugging his new sled (lol)

Opening up gifts

Examining Uncle Gregg's Nose...

Lorrie & Matthew

Erick & Zach

Matthew & Lucio

All of the photos from this evening will be uploaded to Flickr for those of you who want to see or save any of your own 🙂 Everything is still uploading now, but if you wait a while here is the link to the Christmas collection.


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