Christmas Day Love

I know I’ve skipped Christmas Eve, but I’m still kicking myself in the butt for forgetting our camera that night. As soon as I forgive myself I will get whatever semi-decent photos we have on our cell phones and share with you all.

In the meantime…

Christmas has a lot of special memories for me, but oddly when I think back through previous years I don’t really recall many Christmas gifts. That’s not because I wasn’t grateful, but rather because there were more important memories hogging up all my brain space. For example, SPAGHETTI. Except one year when Sam & I got Bouncer & Sprocket – I’ll never forget that Christmas.

This year mom was in Singapore celebrating the holidays with my dad, so we spent Christmas day at home with Sam and had a really wonderful day. We opened gifts in the afternoon after a very lazy morning (having a baby who is too young to get excited about Christmas does have its perks…) and then enjoyed a really awesome dinner of spaghetti thanks to my MomMom’s killer spaghetti recipe that dad was so kind to hand down to me. Although I’m sure he’s regretting it now since mine has turned out far better than his ever did 😉 (love you dad).

Below are some photos from our day – in forewarning you will be witnessing a lot of visual sarcasm here since apparently my desire to record our day was comical to some… (Sam):

That last picture is our attempt at creme brulee for the first time. But since we don’t have a mini torch we were using a lighter lol. Still tasted great!

All of the photos from Christmas day are online in the Flickr Christmas collection.


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