Of Resolutions & Such…

I hate New Years resolutions because I never keep them. It’s exciting for the first month or two having a new goal, but by March at the latest I usually stop caring. So, this year I’ve decided to set easily achievable goals for 2012 as my “Official New Years Resolutions” and then today figure out a plan for the more important things, starting today (December 30, still in 2011, so NOT a new years resolution). If they aren’t actually labeled “resolutions,” or if I can accomplish them before March rolls around perhaps there is a better chance I can live up to my own high expectations.

So, here goes nothing…


1 – Wear red lipstick. Yep. None of that crappy red lip gloss stuff either – full-blown whintening-toothpaste-commercial red. I suppose the big question here is how I should really present myself with the red lips. Maybe pull my hair back and wear creepy eyeshadow. Perhaps I can also rock a cheap guitar and pretend like I’m part of the Robert Palmer “Addicted to Love” music video?

Nah – I’m thinking like a closeup of my mouth – I’ll just make that the background for my blog homepage. Something mildly provocative but kind of creepy at the same time? Almost Rocky-Horror-Picture-Show-Esque?

However, the true challenge in this resolution is actually making the red lipstick work, which required beautiful teeth. I’ve spent the last couple months in preparation for this already, becoming somewhat obsessed with my teeth. Fingers crossed by my birthday I’ll be able to rock these red babies.

2 – Stop looking at my cell phone in the car (while driving). I’m guilty despite the horrific videos they seem to play on the news each morning, or those commercials & billboards meant to scare the crap out of you enough to STOP texting while driving. Although I’ll admit that at one point I actually did post on Facebook, while driving, ABOUT one of those billboards. I suppose that was not the desired effect. Anyway, despite my horrible habit of feeling the need to constantly be connected to the world (although most of you don’t care about the fact that I saw that cow getting the crap scared out of him by a flock of birds) I hereby vow to stop using my phone entirely while driving from now on. That includes quick glances – my car DOES have a working clock, so there are no excuses. So for anyone trying to reach me while I’m in my car from now on, I apologize in advance that you’ll just have to wait.

3 – Reduce the frequency of swear words flying out of my mouth. I have a mouth like a sailor and don’t even realize it sometimes. I don’t want Matthew blurting out these terrible words so I better get this under control.

4 – Learn a new language. This one I don’t think I can achieve before March. Perhaps this would be better off in my December list? I haven’t yet decided WHAT language to learn, although I’m starting to lean more towards Spanish primarily because it will come him helpful here in the US and then also help me a lot with my job where I deal with people who speak Spanish every single day. But none of that ghetto Spanish, I’m thinking like Spain-Spanish. Besides, if I can learn Spanish and talk without my ridiculous white-girl-accent, then I’ll feel more confident learning a more challenging language.

Well, that’s about it. Four basic goals for 2012, 3 of which I’m pretty sure I can knock out before my interest fades. Wish me luck 🙂


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  1. I love that idea of goals, I never make resolutions because I never keep them. Way too much pressure.

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