The Cell Phone Saves The Day: Christmas Eve

I left the camera at home on Christmas Eve. Along with my entire purse. Oh well I guess – thanks to Zach’s cell phone (mine was also in my purse…) we got some mediocre pics from the night. Although I must say, these photos don’t really do the evening justice.

We started the evening with a wonderful dinner followed by the ever exciting gift exchange:

Gregg & Shannan

Matthew Examining the Snowman

The Monkey Hat

Matthew's New Drum Set

Zach's New Skull Brush (lol)

Jim's Italian Cooking Bible

Papa Opening Gifts

Matthew Assisting in the Gift Opening

I wish we had gotten some more pictures but at least there are some good memories here in the ones we did get. We ended the evening eating way too many brownies – what an awesome night.

I do want to say a special THANK YOU to Jim & Terrie for the wonder gift I received. That’s the first time I’ve ever received a gift that made cry (happy tears of course) – thank you for making this holiday even more special.

Now – to end the year with a BANG – heading out to go prepare for a fun evening with friends (at home, since Matthew’s fake ID isn’t good enough to get into the bars).



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