Giving LA A Second Chance

Well, today didn’t exactly start out on the right foot and despite the fact that I was equipped with a map, gps, AND instructions from the rental car guy, I still managed to get lost in LA. Again.

Strike 2, LA.

That being said, I eventually found my way to Santa Monica & the day quickly turned into something exciting and memorable.

The photo shoot went great, without a single hiccup, and it was really wonderful to meet these people I talk with so many times a day. Plus I got to feel über important, flying out to LA for a photo shoot ;).

We enjoyed a nice lunch in a ridiculously loud restaurant, I got to see some homeless man flexing his guns for a dime, and wrapped up our meeting being hit on by a guy in Starbucks who so generously offered to let me go ahead of him in the bathroom line. And I quote “you won’t want to go in there after me anyway.”

Who said chivalry is dead?

Now I’m enjoying a quiet afternoon soaking up the sun, sitting on a park bench by the beach. Not a bad way to end my day and de-stress before I head back to take on the LA airport again. Not that I was really stressed to begin with.

Oh – I almost forgot to mention the lady who attached a cat bed to her walker!! California is packed with ingenious people:


All in all I think LA has redeemed itself. Plus when I got lost I actually got to see the Hollywood sign – pretty cool!!






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