Shanghai – The Arrival

I like to think that I’m open to new experiences and cultures – that I’m “immune” to culture shock. Let me tell you that’s clearly a delusion. I arrived in Shanghai yesterday evening after a 14hr plane ride (much shorter than I expected!!) and immediately noticed the crazy amount of people coming from every direction. It’s really something to witness, but being caught in a swarm of people rushing to get somewhere was a little nerve wracking. Somehow we made our way to the train – I’m not quite sure how, and was then thrown immediately into yet another new experience – the Chinese subways. I saw a YouTube video a while back where people were cramming into every square inch of the subway. It made me laugh at the time but experiencing that is a trip. I was terrified I’d miss the correct stop simply due to the fact that I couldn’t get past the 2000 people standing on top of me!

But, for better or worse, I made it to the hotel in one piece. I have a headache that could knock me over and it smells like fish in the hotel but I’m still looking forward to what today holds. I just “enjoyed” the worst cup of coffee in my life – heading out for a new adventure now. Hope to have some pics to share by this time tomorrow!


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  1. Head down, shoulders out and shove – that’s the way to travel the metro in the more crowded cities. I don’t know if it works in Shanghai, but here in Shenzhen one of the tricks is to always get on at either end – where people are too lazy to walk to on the platforms, even in rush hour these carriages can be empty while you’re struggling for air in the mid-section. Welcome to China.

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