Day 2- A long but memorable day

I realized today that I have no way to transfer photos from my camera to the iPad, so that will all have to be shared at a later date.

Today was a very busy day – my first meeting was at 9:30am and I didn’t get home (“home”) until 11:30pm! Not all was business though, there was a whole lot of food & getting lost involved during that time frame.

My day began while sharing breakfast with a grumpy German man who refused to accept that someone my age could be in a position to travel to China on business. Good morning to you too, sir. But the day took a great turn after my horrible (and I mean HORRIBLE) instant coffee was replaced with a delicious latte. The driver picked me up at 9:30 and drove 1 1/2 hours to my first meeting that lasted through both lunch and dinner. It would be a lie if I said the day was dull though – we ate at a fantastic local organic restaurant that grew/raised everything they prepared. I tried black rice juice for the first time as well as a fermented drink made of the leftover fruits & vegetables from their farm (which was oddly delicious). It was really wonderful to finally have the opportunity to meet those I talk with so frequently each day.

Later I had another meeting, and although I was so full we ate yet again. I tried some dish made with the connective tissue between the leg joints on a pig. Gross. But at least I tried I guess. I chickened out on the duck tongues. They actually looked like tongues & my stomach just couldn’t handle that lol.

A 2 hour cab ride later I finally made it back to the hotel. Unfortunately I’m not tired enough to fall asleep even though it’s the middle of the night. Tomorrow will be a little more relaxed – only 1 afternoon meeting on the agenda so hopefully I’ll have a chance to get out & see some of the city.

More to come 🙂


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