Exploring Around Home (WooHoo – 100 Posts!!)

Today I did something a little different and decided to take Matthew out & have fun somewhere we hadn’t been yet – the Children’s Museum down in Denver. Before my crazy Googling last night, I thought that the Children’s Museum was aimed more at older kids, but oh no – there is PLENTY to do at Matthew’s age.

I don’t get too many opportunities to spend time doing fun things with Matthew, just the two of us. Not that I don’t LOVE our family time together, but it would be a lie if I said I wasn’t a little envious of all the time that Zach gets to spend with Matthew. So, understandably, I was really thrilled at my plan for the day – so much so that I packed up our backpack last night so we could leave as early as possible (the museum opens at 10am and I wanted to be there right away to beat as much of the crowd as possible). That plan was basically futile though – we got there at 10:09am and although it wasn’t completely packed, there were a lot of other people with the same thing in mind, and by 11am it really was packed. It was fun anyway though and Matthew had a blast checking out the fire trucks and really enjoyed the fact that I just let him run around without tailing 2″ behind him like normal.

Once he’d played with everything age-appropriate that he could, we went for a walk on the trail by the museum. I tried to put him in the carrier (50% because I wanted the extra cuddle time, but 50% because I needed to test a new prototype lol), but within 5-7 minutes he was screaming at me to let him down & run. So I did just that, and we played tag on a huge hill full of dead grass and bird poop (seriously, how many times a day do geese poop?).

Then we ended our little adventure with a walk over to the playground. But once Matthew got it in  his mind that throwing dirt at the other children was the best thing to do, we had to leave since there was some creepy older kid standing on top of the slide pretending to cast an evil spell on Matthew and I was scared for all of our safety 😉

The best part? Its only 12:30! We still have way more than enough time to go for a bike ride! The news on the radio this morning said snow, but I think they were looking at the wrong zip code on weather.com since it is beautiful outside.

(Matthew was too scared to go in the tunnel so he just crouched like this for a good 5 minutes lol)


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