A Blog Resurrection

This afternoon I received an email from wordpress saying my blog was about to expire… I stared at it for a good 15 minutes debating whether or not to renew, but then I started going through my older posts, reading through adventures I had actually forgotten about and photos I hadn’t looked at in some time. And then I realized – my blog was a fun way for me to record our adventures while sharing everything with our family and friends – a way to stay connected with those I don’t get to see often enough or a way to inspire people who I’ve never met to actually enjoy their time as a family.

Last week I read an article that made me a little sick to my stomch. The article was all about how families feel that young children are somewhat of a burden, and its so much easier to find activities to do in the house rather than get out and do something as a family. I couldn’t disagree more. So, if nothing else – let my blog be the rebellion! I will stand up and be the voice to tell people who feel that way that you are OUT OF YOUR MIND. Yes – my two year old son thinks its awesome to run away from me, throw canned foods into the aisles of the grocery store or pitch a fit in the middle of a park… so what? That doesn’t stop me from enjoying the experience. One day I’ll be old and senile – when he takes me to the grocery store I’ll be sure to throw a few things in his way – but in the meantime we’ll enjoy this time together.

Anyway – long(er) story short, I’ve decided to resurrect my blog. I can’t promise I’ll post every day, or even every week, but I WILL continue to share my adventures with those who care to listen ❤




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